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Let's go to the moulid
Abu Al Qomsan

2 - 10 march 2024

book your spot with a deposit of 350 €
n.b. the deposit is not refundable
payable via Paypal or Wise money transfer

balance of 900 €
has to be paid cash in Luxor the day of arrival

binding registration

I'll get in touch with you soon!



Trip to Egypt - Let's go to the Moulid Abu al Qomsan

2-10 march 2024

I have read the detailed information concerning the “Let’s got to Moulid Abu al Qomsan Tour” on the website and I understood what is included (check it out here) and what is excluded (have a look here) from the price. I will be responsable to book my
own travel arrangements to Luxor and back as well as the hotel accomodation, and I know, that I need to get a visa for Egypt for travelling purpose. I will take care to book a refundable travel arrangement.

I will pay deposit of 350 € within 7 days after receipt of the confirmation of my registration.

I understand, that the deposit of 350 € is not refundable if I cancel my partecipation. In case I cancel my partecipation, my deposit will be refunded only if I find someone to replace my spot.
The organiser is allowed to withdraw from the contract, if within january 8th 2024 the minimum number of partecipants has not been reached. In that case, the deposit of 350 € will be immediately reimbursed. (Minimum number of partecipants: 8 person)

I read and understand that the Balance of 900 € has to be paid cash the day of arrival in Luxor to

As a partecipant I am aware that during the tour will be taken PHOTOS and VIDEOS, which could be published during and after the trip. I approve that these photos and videos are published.

I read that a travel or health insurance is NOT included in the price and that I am responsable to book a travel, health or accident insurance coverage by my own.

The one year membership of 17 € for "Verein Herzenswege" is included in the package price.

So cool that your part of this journey!

I'll get in touch with you soon
for all the details concerning
the trip and the payment of the deposit


Looking forward to meet you in Luxor
in march 2024


In the package of 1.250 € is included

ghawazee dance class with Khyriyya Mazin

tahtib lesson with a local tahtib master

upper egyptian stick dance class with a local professional dancer

kaf saidi lesson

all events of the Moulid taking place in 3 days – from the tahtib competition to the horse race (mirmah), horse dance and of course in the evening the amazing Leil al kabira with the different zikr tents including all necessary transfers

guided visit to Valley of workers and Valley of the Queens

incl. transfer, entrance fee and egyptologist tourguide

trip to Banana Island by boat

felucca trip on the Nile at sunset

exploring Luxor city in the evening

visit to the local suq

every evening delicious egyptian dinner in local places (soft drinks & water included - alcoholic drinks excluded)

1 year membership in association "Verein Herzenswege" (17 €)


In the package of 1.250 € is NOT included

hotel accomodation with breakfast (the name of the hotel will be comunicated by registration)

airfare to and from Luxor

transfer from airport to hotel and viceversa in Luxor

visa (25 USD)

drinks / lunch / snacks


personal expenses

extra sight-seeing tours

travel/health insurance

and everything not especially mentioned at the voice “in the package price of 1.250 € is included”

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